Thursday, July 25, 2019

Beautiful Crochet Hair Band:
Fig 1
Hello friends,
Here is the crochet hair band I made for my little princess (grand daughter).
For this I used 4 ply Vardhamaan wool and UK 11 number crochet hook.

Start with 57 + 3 chains, see fig 2
Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

R1: Double crochet (dc)1 in each stitch starting from third st.

R2: Ch 3 turn and again dc 1 in each st.

R3: Ch 3 turn, dc 1 in each of the first 14 sts. (Fig 2) then dc 2 in next st. then make 5-petals flower, considering these 2 dcs as central ring of flower.
Flower: ch 2, dc2 in the second dc, ch 2, join in the second dc by slip stitch (sl st), one petal made. See fig 5. Make  three such petals on the same dc (see fig 6) then turn little bit and make 2 more petals on the first dc (out of 2 dc made in 15th st). See fig 7 to know where to make 4th and 5th petals.
Fig 5
Fig 6
Make 2 more petals on this dc. Then flower is complete. See fig 8.                                        
Then make dc 1 in each of the 6 sts. In the next st make again a flower as above. Fig 9

Fig 7
Fig 8
Fig 9
After 5 flowers make dc 1 in each of the last 14 sts.
R4: Ch 3, dc 1 in each of the st
R5: As R4.
We can see the hair band in the form as in fig 10.

Fig 10

Now if your baby is small then this will become big for her so we can fold and sew it,  as in fig 1.

This beautiful hair band you can make easily, the following video with English subtitles will help you.

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

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