Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Betel Leaf and Betel Nut (Paan and Supari)
Fig 1
Hello friends,
In Indian wedding and any other rituals; Betel Leaf and Betel Nut has much importance. See in fig 2 on white cloth betel leaves are placed. In fig 3 showing another event where betel leaf is used. It is supposed to be a holy leaf.

The Kalash, (a pot in fig 4 which is places with full water and a coconut on it with mango leaves) is placed in every ritual. But if mango leaves are not available then betel leaves also can be used.

Hence in Indian wedding Rukhawat, girls made crochet or beaded coconut or banana leaf etc. For meaning of the word Rukhawat, please read my post

 So some of the subscribers of my Youtube channel Kalopasak requested me to give the pattern for betel leaf and nut. Hence I tried to make crochet betel leaf with betel nut and here it is in fig 1.

Fig 2

fig 3

fig 4

The crochet betel leaf I made is of 22+1 chains with 4 ply green colour wool and 3mm hook, fig 5.
Round 1: sc 1 in each ch starting from second when reach at the edge (sc1, ch1, sc 1) in the last ch, place marker in ch 1-space. Make sc 1 in each stitch on other side till 3 chs remain, slip st 1 in each of the next 2 sts, turn fig 6
R 2: Sl st 1 in second st, sc 1 in each st till marker, (sc1, ch 1, sc 1) in ch 1-space. Make sc 1 in each stitch on other side till 3 chs remain, slip st 1 in each of the next 2 sts, turn
Repeat R1 and R 2 two more times. Thus 6 rounds made. Fig 7.
Fig 5

Fig 6
 Now as I have to make upper portion of the leaf (which is usually bigger) so in the next round I increase the sts in the upper part symmetrically by 2sc in one st
Round 7: Same as round 2 only make 2sc in one st, symmetrical on both sides as shown by fingure in fig 7.

Fig 7
Round 8: Same as round 6 but this time increase two sts on left and 2 on right of the leaf.
Round 9: Sc 1  in each st till 3 sts to ch 1- space sc 2 in that st. slip st in the next 2 sts at centre make stitch in the lower level stitch, sl st 1 in each of the next 2 sts, sc 2 in the next st, sc 1 in each st till last 4 sts remain sl st 1 in next 2 sts, turn
Then make a stem at centre by ch 3 and sl st on each ch. See Fig 8.

Round 10: Sl st in each st when reach at lower end make ch 2 and then make sl st 1 in each st on other side. Fig 9.
Fig 8

Fig 9
Betel Nut: In magic loop ch 1, sc 6, close by sl st in first sc.
R1: ch 1, sc 2 in each st, ch 1 turn (12 sts)
R2: ch 1, sc 1 in same st, (sc 2 in next st, sc 1 in next) repeat till end sc 2 in last, close by sl st (18 sts)
R 3: ch 1 turn, ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each st, close by sl st at in first,(18 sts) See fig 10
Fig 10

Fig 11

Fig 12.

R4: ch 1 turn (sc 1in next st, s2sctog in the next) repeat, close by sl st (12 sts)
R5: ch 1 turn, (2sctog) repeat close by sl st (6sts) See fig 11.
Fill fiber in that and sew all 6 sts by tapestry needle. Fig 12.

Hope that you can make this Betel Leaf and Betel Nut (Vidyach Paan and Supari).

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

The following video may help you.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rakshabandhan  and Friendship Day Special
Fig 1
Hello friends
Wish you Happy Friendship Day. This is the friendship band or Rakhi I made on this occasion. We celebrate first Sunday of August as Friendship Day and here is the Bond of Love Friendship Band from me to all of you.

As we agree that our brothers are our best friends since our birth so friendship with him is of the first prime important.

Generally in the same month, in India we celebrate Rakshabandhan, a festival celebrated on full moon day of the month Shravan (One Marathi month out of 12 months). There are so many ritual and historical references to this day.

Mainly all sisters tie a silk thread(some what decorative) to the wrist of their brothers and expect that brother protects them in any situation and thus sisters put their responsibility on their brothers. (In old days, now a days girls/ women are also educated and can bear their own responsibility of course still the support from brother is very important.)

In market Rakhis are available in many beautiful designs (see fig 2).
Fig 2
But tying hand made Rakhi to our brother give immense satisfaction to a creative persons. So this year I made some Rakhis (Fig 1).

For this Rakhi I used crochet thread, 1.5 mm crochet hook and some beads or purls.
Thread 2 beads / purls in the yarn.
 Start with slip knot and move one bead and make single crochet 1 to fix the bead. Then make 4.5" chains.

Three more chs and 1 tr in 4th ch. A loop is formed. Again ch  3 and tr 1 in first ch, second loop formed. Make such 5 loops.
See fig 3.

Fig 3
Fig 4
R1: Ch 3, double crochet (dc) 8 on one side of the loop, (join by sc in the next loop, dc 9 in the next loop) repeat one more time.
Other side: Same as first side.
At last join by sl st.

Then make similar 4.5" chains on other side also attach one bead at last and fix it.

Finally sew one bead on each centre of the ring of dcs formed (Fig 4). The beautiful friendship band / Rakhi is ready here.

You can refer the following video.

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Beautiful Crochet Hair Band:
Fig 1
Hello friends,
Here is the crochet hair band I made for my little princess (grand daughter).
For this I used 4 ply Vardhamaan wool and UK 11 number crochet hook.

Start with 57 + 3 chains, see fig 2
Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

R1: Double crochet (dc)1 in each stitch starting from third st.

R2: Ch 3 turn and again dc 1 in each st.

R3: Ch 3 turn, dc 1 in each of the first 14 sts. (Fig 2) then dc 2 in next st. then make 5-petals flower, considering these 2 dcs as central ring of flower.
Flower: ch 2, dc2 in the second dc, ch 2, join in the second dc by slip stitch (sl st), one petal made. See fig 5. Make  three such petals on the same dc (see fig 6) then turn little bit and make 2 more petals on the first dc (out of 2 dc made in 15th st). See fig 7 to know where to make 4th and 5th petals.
Fig 5
Fig 6
Make 2 more petals on this dc. Then flower is complete. See fig 8.                                        
Then make dc 1 in each of the 6 sts. In the next st make again a flower as above. Fig 9

Fig 7
Fig 8
Fig 9
After 5 flowers make dc 1 in each of the last 14 sts.
R4: Ch 3, dc 1 in each of the st
R5: As R4.
We can see the hair band in the form as in fig 10.

Fig 10

Now if your baby is small then this will become big for her so we can fold and sew it,  as in fig 1.

This beautiful hair band you can make easily, the following video with English subtitles will help you.

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Beautiful Summer Hat
Fig 1
Hello friends,

I am back in India but when I was in USA,  summer started. So this beautiful summer hat (See fig 1) I made for my granddaughter. 

The original design is by Lyza Walters namely, Crochet Sparkly Summer Sun Hat in 3 parts. 

It’s really beautiful and I liked it, as soon as I saw it, I decided to make it.

The size shown in the above link is for ladies where as I have to make it for my 7 years granddaughter so I have to customise it and made corresponding changes.
Fig 2

Fig 3

1.       I skipped row number 12 (Fig 2)
2.       Instead of 4 lines of windows I did only three that is skipped rows 18 and 19. See fig 3.
3.       I didn’t have beads so skipped adding beads only worked sc instead of that.
4.       Also not worked cross around each bead rows, lastly
5.       Skipped last row.
Fig 4
Fig 5
Fig 6

The completed hat from inside can be seen in fig 4.
Then while making flower also I made some changes,
6.       Some changes I had to do in making flower, the central part’s last round skipped, no beads.
For flower follow this link,
7.       Also instead of 10 ch petal I made only 9 ch petal.
The smaller version of flower also looked great! (Fig 5)
Fig 7

Fig 8
Thus the hat became perfect in fitting. Two different angles of the hat can be seen in fig 6 and 7.

My daughter also like it very much so I made one big size for her. See fig 8

It looks good but I thought perhaps I would have some better colour yarn. It’s time to return back from USA and hence no time to buy new yarn. Any way this also looks good.

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Knitted Hair Band / Head Band by Braided Stitch

Fig 1
Hello friends,
This knitted head band I made for my elder granddaughter. Fig 1. 

Here I used simple braided stitch. I made a strip of sts and then fix it to one old head band. Thus make it new. See fig 2.

Cast on 14 sts
R1: (WS) K4, P6, K4
On middle 6 sts I worked cable and first and last 4 sts in Stockinette st
R2: (RS) P4, place 2 sts on cable (as if to purl), place them on front side, knit 3rd and 4th st K2, knit 2 sts on cable needle, lastly knit 5th and 6th st, P4
Fig 2

R3: K4, P6, K4
R4: P4, K2 first and second st out of 6 sts of cable, place 3rd and 4th st on cable and place them on back side, knit 5th and 6th st, then knit 2 sts on cable, P4
R5: K4, P6, K4
R6: P4, K6, P4
Repeat rows 1 to 6 again and again till the required length of the head band.

Then if you want you can decorate it with beads so that it will be party wear. 

Another angle of the same in fig 3.
Fig 3

The following video with English subtitle may help you,

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Beautiful Baby Dress:
Fig 1

Hi friends,
I made this cute crochet baby dress (fig 1) for the granddaughter of my close friend. It is yoke type seamless dress. It fits for 1 year baby.
I used Vardhamaan 4 ply wool, white and pink colors and 3.25 mm crochet hook.

To start with make 67 chains with white yarn.

Row 1: (RS) Single crochet (sc)1 in each chain (ch) starting from second (66 sts)

R2: (WS) ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each st.

R3: ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each of the first 3 sts, ch2, skip 1 st make sc 1 in the next st, (buttonhole made) sc 1 in each of the next st till end. (Fig 2)
Fig 2

Fig 3
 R4: INCREASE ROW: ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each of the next 7 (5 for button band+2) sts, ( sc 2 in next st, sc 1 in each of next 2 sts) repeat till the last 5 sts (for buttonhole band), sc 1 in each of these 5 sts. (84 st)

R5: ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each st till end. (fig 3)
Fig 4

COLOR CHANGE ROW: You can refer the video below for joining the yarn in crochet work,

R6: (WS), ch 1 turn, hdc1 in each of the 5 sts with white yarn, join pink yarn, hdc 1 in each st till last 5 sts remain, join second white yarn ball and make hdc 1 in each of last 5 sts by white yarn. (Fig 4)

Fig 5

Fig 6

R7: ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each of first 5 sts with white yarn, join pink, work back loop single crochet (blsc) 1 in each of the next st till last 5 sts remain by pink yarn, sc 1 in each of last 5 sts by white. (fig 5)

Repeat rows 2 to 7 two more times. Rows 19 worked out. See fig 6.

Fig 7

Fig 8

After Row 10 and after 16th row which will be increase rows, your number of sts will be 108 and 140 respectively.
Then divide 140 sts in five parts as follows and place markers accordingly,
140= 23 front + 27 sleeve+ 40 back+ 27 sleeve+ 23 front part.
Now we shall work only two front parts and back also we add 3 chains as under arm increase on both sides that is we have 23+3+40+3+23= 92 sts

R20: INCREASE ROW: As R4. Now total stitches will be 119. Fig 7. Now for the bottom part of the sweater we are working Fan’s stitch for which we need, multiple of 6 plus 1 sts (so that symmetry on both sides of bands should be maintained) and here we have 119-10 sts of button band and buttonhole band that is 109 sts which are perfectly as we need because 109 = 18x6+1. But this fan’s stitch should be started from WS so one more row I worked as follows,

R21: (RS) ch3 count and first double crochet (dc) turn and dc 1 in each st till end. Fig 8.
Fig 9

Fig 10

R22: (WS) ch 2 turn (not considered as first dc), dc 1 in each of the 5 sts, dc 1 in next st, [ch2, skip 2 sts, sc1 in next st, ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc 1 in next st] repeat till last 5 sts, dc 1 in each of these 5 sts. Fig 9.

Fig 11
Fig 12

R23: (RS) ch 1 turn, (dc 5 in the sc 1 st of previous row, join to the dc stitch of the previous row by sc) repeat till last 5 sts remain, dc 1 in each of these 5 sts. Fig 10, 11.

R24: (WS) ch 5 turn, (sc 1 on the third dc (out of 5 of fan) of previous row, ch 2, dc 1 on the sc 1 of the previous row) repeat till last 5 sts remain, dc 1 on each of these 5 sts 
Repeat row 23 and 24 till the total height if 11”. Fig 12
End with row 24. 
Fig 13

Fig 14

Then we shall work border. (See fig 13)

R1 of border: (RS) ch 1 turn, sc 1 on each of sc and dc of previous row and sc 2 in each of ch-2 gap
R2: (WS) As per row 6 of yoke with white and pink both colors.
R3: As per R7 of yoke (with white and pink).
R4: ch 1 turn sc 1 on each st,
R5: As R4 above.
R6: As per row 6 of yoke with white and pink both colors.
R7: As per R7 of yoke (with white and pink). See fig 14.
My beautiful pink and white sweater is ready.

If you need some help, you can watch this video with English subtitles,

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity

Betel Leaf and Betel Nut (Paan and Supari) Fig 1 Hello friends, In Indian wedding and any other rituals; Betel Leaf and Betel Nut has...