Thursday, June 20, 2019

Knitted Prayer Rug:
Fig 1
Hi friends,
Making Prayer rug (Aasan) is a common thing in India. I have posted a simple prayer rug made on Jute cloth by embroidery threads with cross stitch, see fig 2, by my Mom. See the post

The first prayer rug I made was just sewing lace on red velvet cloth. Fig 3

Fig 2

Fig 3
This prayer rug shown is fig 1 is my first knitted rug. When I saw Metered stitch I liked it and I decided to make Prayer rug.

This was made in a thick yarn (6ply) with UK 9 number knitting needles.

I made four parts and then they are sewed together to form a rug.

Fig 4
Fig 5

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First I made a sample which I can use as a table mat see fig 5. This table mat started by casting 40 stitches.
R1: All knit and place the marker in the centre.
R2 Knit till 2 sts to marker, K2tog, slip the marker, SSK (Slip slip knit means slip two sts one by one as if to knit then take them on left needle and knit two together from back side, K remaining sts.
Repeat Row 1 and 2 till 2 sts remain, then K2tog.

I have also changed the colour after 2 rows for getting 5 strips of black colour.

I made such four pieces and join them.

Table mat will be ready.
For Prayer rug I have started with 100 sts and the same thick yarn.

You can also make Baby blanket with colourful square pieces and joining them.

The following video may help you to see Mitered stitch.

Link to the video,

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Forty Seven Years Waiting:
Fig 1
As I have said repeatedly that I am lover of any form of art. Painting and Drawing is also one of them. I had some paintings when I was in second year of my B. Sc. in 1972, I have morning college and that noon time I used for this hobby. I made some acrylic painting, some paintings on glass, some oil paint frames etc. Forty five years passed away and I even didn't have any of it's photo or some thing like that. But as I remembered those were good. (No proof, so I can say that 😝)

Actually drawing and painting should be hereditary art in me as my father was the artist. His business was to paint the movies banners for advertise in front of theatres as I have mentioned in one of my post, My Mom's Creations with link,

My brother is a great artist too. The sketch of world fame Lata Mangeshkar, India's top most singer, is appreciated by Lata Mangeshkar herself by talking him and that is a pride movement for all of us. See fig 2

Fig 2
 I admit that  I am not even 1% of that but as I always said '"creativity should be enjoyed" and that why after retirement the idea came in my mind that since 45 years I have not painted any thing, so now I should try. But any how it doesn't comes to reality for still two more years after retirement (busy in some other hobbies).
For painting, I thought that I will have to start from shopping like brushes, colours, canvas and all. Moreover I didn't have confidence that I can paint better. Once when I told this to my son he insisted me to start to paint some thing at his home in USA, brushes, colours were already with him but I think time has to come.....

Then I came to my daughter (in USA) where my grand daughter is 7 years old and good artist too. When she took her colour box out and paint, I was tempted to take colours in my hand and then extremely inspired to paint. There were crayon colours, coloured pencils, water colour,  acrylic colour etc. I wanted to do with acrylic but didn't dare to start with Acrylic. I thought, let us start with Crayon, the toddler's colour. I knew that detailing is not possible with these colours, still I wanted to try.

I started with black pencil rough picture and then crayons.......
In half an hour I completed that and I cannot explain, how happy I was!!!
Forty seven years has to go to take colours in hand for painting.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Spiral Crochet Toran:
Fig 1
Hello friends,
Crochet Spirals look very beautiful and can be used in many hand made items. Just as I used it in making Toran (door decor), we may use it in frock bottom, decorate curtain or to decorate bags, purses etc.

Toran Patti: Upper Green Part: Make chains (ch) as many as the width of the door plus 3 chains (as a first double crochet - dc). They should be multiple of 4+2.
R1: dc 1 on each ch. Then ch 3 turn,
R2: dc 1 in next st, (ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc 1 in each of the next two sts) repeat till end, ch 5 turn,
R3: (dc 2 in 2-ch gap of previous row, ch 2) repeat, dc 1 in the third ch out of 5 chains in the previous row. Ch 3 turn,
R4: dc 1 in each of the next sts, ch 3 turn
R5: As row 4 only join yellow colour in the last part of the last dc 1 then ch 3 and turn
R6: As row 4 with yellow colour. Lastly ch 1 turn.
Then I have divided the total number of sts in 12 parts and decided to make 13 spirals each of 10 sts with central spiral big one of 15 sts. Place 13 markers at each place where spirals are to be done.
R7: spiral at next st, (sc 1 in each st till the second marker, spiral at the second marker st) repeat till the central marker comes. Then make bigger spiral at the centre. (sc 1 in each st till the second marker, spiral at the second marker st) repeat till end.

First as a practice I tried one spiral with different yarn. For that I made 15 chs and rows of dc on that. In the centre of that piece that is on 8th st, I am going to make a spiral. See fig 2.
Fig 2
Fig 3

Making Spiral: Crochet hook is at the st where the spiral is to be made. Now make ch 10 (See fig 3).
Then make ch 6 ( 3 as first dc and 3 to make one picot at the end of dc.  Then slip st on 4th ch so that 3-ch picot made. (dc 1, ch-3 picot on the same st) repeat 2 more times. Fig 4
Fig 4
Fig 5

Fig 6
 Then make (dc 1, ch-3 picot) see fig 5 three more times, see fig 6.
Now make dc 1, ch-3 picot four times in every chain till   the last ch comes.

In the last ch work dc 1, ch-3 picot, twice then hdc 1, ch-3 picot, sc 1, ch-3 picot, lastly join with the starting point of
Fig 7
the spiral by single crochet. See fig 7. The spiral of 10 chs made.

In the centre make a spiral of 15 chains which will look as in fig 8.

Then again I complete all the remaining spirals and see fig 1, the Toran is ready.

Fig 8

Fig 9

Fig 10

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It is the beautiful way to welcome your guest. You can use this in some other events also, just as I used it as Rangoli, for decorating around the plate of guest, please see my post,

you can see more use of this toran in fig 9 and 10.

The following video may help you to make this Spiral Toran. The video is in Marathi but it' has English subtitles, so anybody should have no problem.

ETC: Enjoy the Creativity.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Crochet Banana Leaf:
Fig 1
Hello friends,
In all over the world every one knows BANANA and I think every one likes to eat it and bananas are beneficial to all. In India banana is not only to eat but it has very much importance as a tree (though it is not a tree).
It is supposed to be sacred and holy according to Hindus. In various rituals temples, Poojas (worships) banana leaves are used. See fig 2 and 3

 In Indian weddings (particularly in South Indian and in Maharastra) entrance of houses of bride and groom both and entrance of wedding halls are decorated by Banana trees or Banana leaves (Fig 4). It symbolises that the life of married couple should be prosperous from generations to generation as green banana tree and should have their endless relationship.

Fig 2
Fig 3

Banana leaves are also used as a plate for eating. It is most Eco-friendly, disposable and healthy too. The antioxidants (polyphenols) in banana leaf is reported to help fight cancer and many other diseases.

Fig 4

Fig 5

Banana leaves are 3-4 ft tall (Fig 5) and generally they are cut in 3 pieces to serve as a plate (Fig 6). Single one looks like fig 7.

Fig 6
Fig 7
In marriages or in old days food is served on these banana leavesas in fig 8.

Looking the importance of these banana leaves in Indian or Maharashtrian wedding Rukhawat, (to see what is Rukhawat, please read my previous post, Banan leaves are made by knitting or by crochet.

Some of my channel subscribers request me to publish the video of crochet banana leaf then I made it as in fig 1. Of course not all food items as in fig 8😋

Fig 8
In this post, I explain only the Banana leaf and not food items. Food items may be in some other post.

Start with 18 chains.
R1: dc1 in each of 6 chs, starting from third ch, ch 2, skip 1 chain and dc 1 in each of next 7 chs. ch 3 turn,

R2: dc 1 in each of next 6 sts, (dc 1, ch 2, dc 1) in 2 chain gap of previous row, dc 1 in each of 7 sts, ch 3 turn,

R3: dc 1 in each of next 7 sts, (dc1, ch 2, dc 1) in chain 2 gap of previous row, dc 1 in each of next 8 sts, ch 3 turn,

Row 4, 5, 6 etc are same as row 4 only every time number of dcs before ch 2 gap and after gap increases by one.

Repeat this till 24 rows. If we continue this further to reach height 13" then the shape will be much wide, for that after 7-8 inches we may work out the following rows.
Next row: ch2, incomplete dc, YO pass through the 2 sts on the hook (just like 2dctog), dc 1 in each st from next till the ch-2 gap comes, (dc1, ch 2, dc1) in ch2 gap, dc 1 in each st from next till 2 sts remain, 2dctog in last two sts.,
Repeat this row till the height is 13".

Now maximum banana leaves have little cut on sides (as they are this and due to wind it cuts), Making cut portion of the leaf is not necessary, you may or may not do it.
If you want to make cut portion then for that .....

At the time of beginning the row, make slip stitches 3, (see fig 9) ch 5, dc 1 from third ch on this extended part (Fig 10), then dc 1 on remaining 2 chs, dc 1 in next st gap (not in st, so that cut part of leaf get good support) See fig 11. Then dc 1 in each st as usual till ch 2 gap then (dc1, ch 2, dc 1) in gap, dc 1 in each st till end.

Fig 9

Fig 10

Fig 11
After 4-5 rows again make one cut part of the leaf.

Once the leaf is completed thread double strands in tapestry needle and pass it through the central ch 2 spaces as in fig 12.

In some other post I will right about the food items placed on the banana leaf.

Fig 12

etc: Enjoy the Creativity.
The following video with English subtitles may help you.

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