Monday, November 5, 2018

Baby Booties with Puff Border
Fig 1

Friends I have posted Jacket with Puff border and Cap in that set in my posts on 6 Oct 2018,

These baby booties in this set I made in this week. See fig 2.

The yarn used is Oswal winter special.

The sole is made with 12 chains then 7 dc at both ends and 1 dc on each of the middle ch from both sides. See fig 3 Here we have 34 sts)
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4

Fig 5

Sole is completed in three rounds and the stitches here are 58. Then one round of Back post single crochet (bpsc) in each st, which makes a beautiful corner to the sole. You can see back post double crochet in this video. It is with English subtitles.

After round 4, it will look as in fig 6 with particularly border as in fig 7.
Fig 6

Fig 7

 Then the upper part of the booties was made.
Fig 8
Fig 9
Markers are placed in the front part so that we can reduce the sts easily and get the required shape. Fig 8.
After round 10 the booty will look as in fig 9.

Then for belt we first place two markers on the hill side of the booty on 11th sts on both sides.
Make  15 chs attach it at one of the marker then sc on each st between two markers. Make again 15 chains + 5 chs and dc on each st on the 15 chs belt. Continue dc on each st on hill side. Then dc on each of the 15 chs, Same 5chs button hole on other side. The belt will look as in fig 10.
Fig 10
Fig 11
Then attach contrast coloured yarn and make puff of 3 loose incomplete dc and join by sl st in the third st. As in fig 11.
After completing this row it will look as in fig 12. Then if you want to get the puffs vertical in stead of horizontal puffs then you can sew each puff as in fig 13.
Fig 13

Happy crocheting.
Fig 12


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